Cube Talks | 16 | Research on Anticancer Agents at HoMe



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The number of new cancer cases is likely to continue to rise sharply in the coming years.

However, currently used drugs can cause severe and undesirable side effects such as hair loss or kidney failure.

So, how can drugs be developed that avoid side effects and emerging resistances, while still being effective towards the target?

In our latest podcast episode of Cube Talks, I talk to two of our international researchers at Merseburg University of Applied Sciences. Ivana Predarska and Prof. Dr. Goran Kaluđerović are involved in internationally networked research groups and are working intensively on researching new and effective drugs. Ivana has just completed her doctorate and tells us how she has further developed an established drug so that the desired and positive effects are retained but side effects can be prevented or minimized.

In this episode of Cube Talks, Ivana tells us what promising results she was able to achieve in the course of her doctorate.




And if you are now interested in doing research in the field of anti-cancer drugs yourself, you are welcome to follow up on Ivana's results and contact Prof. Goran Kaluđerović and his research group.





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